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  • Elena Mendoza

    Superaron mis expectativas, el mejor material

  • MM
    Mar Moya

    Me encanta el servicio, lo rápido que trabajan, las ofertas y todo queda bello

  • Anton Lucio

    Pins came quickly, in good quality and at a great price, but my inbox is now inundated with emails from Sticker Mule. What makes you think ANYONE would want this?

  • NC
    Neesha C

    The pins that aren’t broken came as described.

  • Tee Zor

    I orders some pin badges as a test and that order was fine I made a second order and paid for express delivery however three of the pins badges were faulty and the pin came off so a little disappointed.

  • Annette

    First, the design was quick and easy to create and upload and approve. The order was processed wicked quick and the first set of pins were delivered to the wrong address. The customer service was right in point and they were quick to get a new order out to me. They are perfect! Best experience ever

  • Carol Boone

    Hello, Sadly, the reprint of these pins is just as bad as the first ones. The background is hardly noticeable at all. I only needed 3, but had to pay for 10. I could have gone to an arts and crafts store and done the same thing for less money. Thank you for offering to do a reprint, but why didn't the person who did the printing check to make sure the background was darker? This was a waste of tim...

  • Jessica

    I was very happy with these pins, as they’re amazing quality. However, two out of the ten arrived broken. When I got in touch with the company, they could only offer store credit (which I had to spend more money to use) or a reprint (which wouldn’t come in time). They refused to give me a partial refund, which I was a little disappointed in.

  • Jessica

    Really pleased with how these pins turned out. Very good quality. The only thing I will say is the protective film is very tough to get off, to the point where I had to use a scalpel! But that could just be a me problem. Still a very happy customer, either way!

  • PM
    Patrick Murphy

    Happy with the design at least 2 were damaged detached at the rear. and one with a see through speck.