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  • My Mother Loves It!!!!

    Makeba Mooncycle

    I went over my Mother's house to open up my key chains and I told her I received a bottle of Mule Sauce. The funny thing is we have a Donkey named Jack and he protects the land from Coyote's and my mother said If it kicks hard as Jack were in there. She loves it! She was making Fish Friday night so it was perfect she loves it and took over my bottle. I have to order more! Thank you for start...

  • Kick Ass sauce with a hint of sweet

    Stephany McKinley

    Hot sauce that gives you a bite, with a hint of sweet, and still packs the flavor in!

  • Don't kno what it is

    Shylla Williams

    Don't knonwhat it is

  • Dang! Its HOT

    Sydney Storm

    WOW!! Its hotter than the hot sauce we have. LOVE IT!!

  • WTF is This?

    jeff retzlaff

    That's what the person in my office who opened the box with our sticker order asked me. All I could say was "it's free sauce, what else do you need to know?". Honestly, I don't know what the free sauce is all about (or care), but it and the extra stickers for my laptop cover are just icing on the cake of a great experience (with my sticker order).