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The buttons were absolutely perfect. The people working at the nonprofit company that I had them made for just loved them.

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Buttons were great

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My buttons look great and the color match is perfect!

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Sturdy and pretty!

When I received my buttons, I was amazed by the quality (both print and button material). The colors are super nice!

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Perfect buttons

My buttons came out beautifully! They look exactly like my painting, and have a high quality look and feel. I’m so pleased with them and can’t wait to order more.

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Fox Buttons

The print quality on these is really crisp and sharp. Even the small details came out really nice. The physical quality is good. My only complaint is that if you use the pin part to put it in straight, it comes out crooked on a lot, as the picture was not centered on the backings. A few of the other reviews had said this was the issue with their order as well.

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Exactly What I Wanted

These buttons are great. Exactly what I ordered. I am excited to sell them at my next show.

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The most famous prize in Finland: 10 points an a Parrot button!

I and my social media followers absolutely love these buttons! Colors are beautiful though the contrast on the parrot's feathers is not as prominent as on the proof (display RGB vs print CMYK). The delivery was a bit hassle because UPS forgot to send me a delivery message, but I got the box safe and sound :) What I would like to see in the future is the possibility of getting my own logo... Más información

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Wish image quality was better

I love the turn around time from ordering the buttons to receiving them. My only complaint is that the image was was clearer/ sharper on the preview but on the actual product in hand i feel like quality was lost and the image appears cloudy. If the actual product was as clear as the proof I would give them 100 stars

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Best bang for your buck

Buttons were produced and shipped quickly, and are absolutely perfect!