Always on point


I have ordered thousands of stickers with many different designs over the years, as well quite a few other products. Sticker Mule has always impressed me with the quality of their products and fastest lead time in the west. Every order has impressed me straight out of the box. The most recent order I put in with them (1x2" rectangle roll labels) was the first exception. The error in the order was completely mine, the file I sent them was meant to be a dark grey pattern, but when it was converted it got even darker, and when I got the stickers they were basically completely black. I contacted them, they sent me a new proof later the same day, and reprinted my entire order for free. I had the revised stickers (which I am completely stoked about) in my hand later the same week, and I will happily add "epic customer service" to the list of things they do well. Thanks, Sticker Mule!

¿Te gusta? Es fácil pedir tus Etiquetas en rollo rectangulares también 🙂