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Esta si que pica


Pica sí

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Nice Freebie!

HOPE Gatekeepers

My husband opened my package and before I could make it home from work...he was dropping piles of mule sauce on his food. He thought I bought for him lol "Tastes good!" my husband stated.

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Mule Hot Sause

James Wilson

Just the right amount of heat, flavor and consistency/thickness.

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Love It

Mike Kelly

Great Bonus ...

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Sauce was awesome! And all gone! Gotta grab some more. Love this on my eggs in the morning! Or anything for that matter! Sauce has great flavor. Great job guys!

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Extra perk!

Gina Nathan

We order stickers frequently for our shop. First off, those are always awesome. Second, one of the guys here gets so excited when we get mule sauce with our order - he uses it up quick! Such a random, but fun perk!

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Meredith Laskovics

Spicy but tasty! I keep it in my desk drawer at work for a little afternoon pick me up.

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My brother loves this stuff.


I gave my brother the mule Sauce. He loves that stuff! It's his birthday today and I added the mule sauce with the gift I got him.

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Sweet and a nice kick!


I was given free Mule Sauce about a month ago with an order of over $100. I was skeptical at first because of how red it was, but I decided to give it a try, and I was so happy I did. It's such a great sauce that goes well for everything. It's not a spicy as you think it is though the spiciness does accumulate as you eat more of it. I also notice it's very sweet. I don't eat sugary things so th... Más información