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Shipping issues?

Image on the mailer is awesome however all of mine came folded/bent in the box i guess during shipping. I was so excited for these and now that I'm putting things in them they look weird because they all have a crease in them. I threw out about 3/4 of them only a few left. Kind of bummed. Just need more attention when shipping or putting them in the box thats all. Hopefully my next order comes ... Más información

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mailers! awesome!

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Love these!

We are in LOVE with these mailers. Very nice quality!

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This is Awesome!

100% Perfect! Thanks StickerMule!

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I love the printing but the tear strip is weak and tears easily

I love the quality of the printing, it looks really good but the tear strip is weak and rips easily. I might consider ordering again if the strip problem is resolved.

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So awesom

we rushed design to get it in by deadline, but the mailers came out so nice. Thank you

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Excellent Mailers

PROS: Excellent quality bag, smooth, clean print lines, brilliant colors and exactly what we wanted CONS: The closing flap is subject to tearing with ease. If you accidentally tear it the bag becomes useless unless you tape it up so it looks like crap. And my number one gripe:COST The deal they had for 19 bucks was very fair and we bought 400. Now the price has doubled and we are going elsewh... Más información

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I love my poly mailers!

My order was prepared and shipped so fast! My mailers turned out to be amazing! I just started an online store, so I look forward to ordering more in a larger size hopefully soon!

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Custom Poly Mailers

In preparation for the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love in San Francisco, we had a batch of these printed for our custom merchandise geared to the SOL at 50 project and couldn't be happier with the result. These gems are total game changers...the prefect personal touch to add to any special project!

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Beautiful quality print

The poly mailers came out amazing! The quality and vibrancy of the colors are perfect. The only suggestion I have is to make them available in a matte finish. I'm not a super fan of shiny finishes. Thanks!