Holographic Arcade machine sticker

Darren Doyle

Upon finally hearing about how good Sticker Mule products were, i decided to take a chance on their services and i have to admit i was completely stunned how easy it was to get these stickers done. These were part of a Kickstarter project and had 1,000 of them made. The quality of the printing and holographic effect with no special treatment to the imagery is nothing short of incredible, they have come out superbly and the clients of these stickers are truly going to be very impressed by the standard and the quality of the effect included. Plus I got a free bottle of their famous Hot Mule Sauce too..boom!

I would not hesitate in recommending Sticker Mule in producing your artwork in the way it was intended to be, they do incredible work and pricing is fantastic too, I couldn't believe how reasonable they were and to top that the order came a day earlier than expected from the initial date proposed by Sticker Mule. They have some many different items to choose from that I will be in the future checking out and having done.

Thank you, Sticker Mule, for the amazing work here, I will be back :)

Kind regards

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