Kiss-Cut Not Worth It, Spend Extra Money For Die Cut

Courtney Cordaro

I was very excited that I choose kiss-cut stickers for my order based on reviews from the website. Unfortunately my order must have been a bad batch compared to all other reviews for this product. My stickers did not easily separate from the paper backing and were not cut all the way through the sticker to the paper. As they were not die-cut stickers I did not expect the cut to be through the paper but at least to have the sticker make a clean break from the paper backing.

This happened in several places along the sticker's edge, it could easily be corrected with the use of a blade to make the cut cleaner. But I would rather not have to expect any of those who receive this sticker to have to do that. Now I know for the next time I order stickers I will certainly not try to save some money by ordering the kiss-cut stickers and just go for the die-cut stickers instead so this doesn't have the opportunity to happen again.

On a positive note, the material of the sticker is phenomenal, it was exactly the type I was looking for for outdoor use. It has been on the exterior of a vehicle for about two months now and there is no fading or peeling from the elements. I suggest these for great quality paper and printing but not for the precision cut you are expecting for the Kiss-cut.

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