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Mule sauce is great

Eoin Kirwan

Most "hot" sauces are barely warm but this one hits the spot!

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Stick to stickers

Stephanie O’Mara

As much as we love a good hot sauce, this one didn’t do it for us. More sweet than it is spicy, but the spicy isn’t a good flavor.

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HOT but with fab flavour

Lauren Hand

An allrounder, hits you with both amazing flavour and the heat required to get your heart racing , in a " holy mule that is hot, but it tastes so good I cant stop going back for more" kinda way.

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Delicious !!!


I buy from Sticker Mule every week! I love their products. And this sauce is amazing, I love spicy food, this is top stuff.

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Got some kick to it

Peter Halin

The hot sauce had a surprising amount of kick to it, so it was a welcome addition to my sauce collection

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Love this hot sauce

Anna Kline

We love this hot sauce! It's got a great flavor and it'll light you up! Great on everything! So excited we get it with our sticker order. We needed more!

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The best souse


Thank you again for the mule souse It’s the best

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A nice surprise!

Joe Meno

Got this with my order - and i used it on, of all things, ramen. I got a nice kick out of it! So I ordered another large order for another bottle.

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The best!!!

Ann Kirk

Tastes awesome!!! Thank you for the free gift!!

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It kicks ass

JJs Music Depot

Free hot sauce is always good.. But this stuff is actually pretty awesome.