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sono molto soddisfatto del nastro personalizzato realizzato, facile nell'applicazione e di buona tenuta. colori brillanti e resa visiva ottima ad un costo contenuto.

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Packaging Tape Promo Review

The overall process was smooth and very pleasant to go through. The design came out great on the packaging tape and I really love the product. I have since recommended a few friends to get some of their own :) Thanks StickerMule!

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Thank You!

I first ordered the smaller mailers when they were the only size offered. Sticker Mule added the larger sizes just in time! I started my business and soon needed larger mailers to ship my orders. The quality is superb! Once again, thank you for excellent customer service and quality products!

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Sweet packing tape!

Great custom packing tape. Used as stickers for bags.

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custom packing tape

I didn't realize the packing tape needs to be moisturized on the back side to make the adhesive work. unfortunately for my line of work, this is an extra step I cannot afford while working with customers. It looks great when I can take my time using it!

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Highly recommended

My packaging tape is perfect!!! Thank you guys for doing an excellent job. :)

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Great print

The only thing is I wish there was an option to be automatically sticky not wet it with a sponge...

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Killer Tape

Stickermule was super easy to use. Their templates make the experience fast and fun. Proofs were sent out very quickly and any notes I made to the proof were adjusted within hours.

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Not for me

If you pack a lot of boxes this stuff might be cool, but for the casual box packer, this tape is a total pain in the ass. I knew you had to get it wet, but didn't realize how un-fun using it would really be. Would not recommend.

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A Great Impression!

The packaging tape looks terrific, and it's the "icing on the cake" when sending a package! The intro offer was something I couldn't pass up, and I'm so pleased, I'll definitely reoder. Thanks Stickermule!