Win a contest never look so good.

Enyaa Rayaa

I win a Mulemonday on twitter and OH MY GOD. I WIN. God ! why QOQ .

So .
I win acrylic charms and the best painting for acrylic charms of course is : PANDA'S HEAD.

I'm very happy . The verification before production come 30 min after. and i'm so happy haha.
Product' take 2 / 3 days and the delay for shipping and Delivery said " 20 febuary " it's ok ! it's big product ( 50 charms ! ) and all people command in the same time . So i wait ! and surprise ! one week later i receveid my charms ... Oh my god so fast and quality package.
I have 50 + charms and they look AMAZING.
The back is not protected but it's ok i just be careful with that . They look real . Like i painted it on the charms. Look very VERY good.

I'm completly satisfaying

Comme ça? Il est facile de commander vos propres Breloques en acrylique aussi 🙂