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We receive them today. The acrylic looks like we have them for the past 10 years. Full of scratches, the finish is awful. Never again.

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Unbelievably bad

Deven Bagwell

Huge chips and cracks in the acrylic, and the protective film is extremely difficult to remove. Backs need to be re-glued for them to even stay together. I love the stickers here but the pins need a lot of work :(

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Los pines han llegado impolutos y con una calidad de imagen impecable, probablemente vuelva a hacer otros pedidos mas adelante

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Kind of disappointing.


Design is very clear, I will give them that but the cut on the acrylic is not great. I ordered 50 and almost all of them have flaws with either cracks or the edges being rough. Also have an issue with the pin backs just falling off. Kind of disappointing that I’ll have to rip off the sticky part of each one and re-glue it myself.

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Awesome pins


Just perfect for what I needed!!

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A Solid, entry level pin

Mark Rosenwald

I was curious about the recent capabilities of short run pin manufacturing. The pins you'll get are machine cut with a plastic film on top. The edges were somewhat jagged and rough all around. I immediately thought of buying metal pins next, when feeling how light the pins were. They feel like a "party favor" decorative pin. What I mean to say is when you have it in your hand, it's not necess... En savoir plus

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Turned out great!

Teto Cholico

I really enjoyed these, they turned out so cool

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Amelia Holman

I love my pins! Just the right size and just the right amount!

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interessante gadget!

Chiara Regina Pinton

Nella marea di spille e spillette (che adoro!), trovo che questo modello in acrilico sia molto interessante e moderno. Nuovo e quindi attrante. Colori rispettati, materiali ottimi. Grazie! PS - sto passando il vostro contatto ad amici e partner, so che non resteranno delusi!

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Very nice pins


The colors are great and cut is clean. I bought these during their sale, so for the price I paid, these are very good.