Identical to Design

Danielle Hickey

I was told the artists had to make small changes to my submitted design to make the sticker sheet work, but the changes were so minute or so seamless that I still can't tell what was changed. I had to submit a couple of additional instructions to get the outline of my stickers exactly where I wanted them, but every one turned out exactly as I wanted it and I never had to argue to get it. I was really pleased with the speed and accuracy of the proofs I received for these projects. The only part of the finished product that threw me off a little bit was the material of the stickers themselves. I was expecting shinier, more paper-like stickers but the final product is a more plasticky matte material (that I presume won't tear or fade as easily, but I'm not sure--I didn't want to purposefully ruin any of the beautiful finished products!). Although this wasn't what I wanted, I really can't complain for receiving a higher quality product than I expected.

Comme ça? Il est facile de commander vos propres Planches de stickers aussi 🙂