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My fault again. However.....

Ok. So if you’re printing a ribbon or a tape or something with more than one instance of a graphic, show how you space it. Send a proof with *at least* 3 instances of the customers graphic. Otherwise there’s no knowing the spacing. You’ll be saving yourself money on ink as well. Win win.

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I LOVE this!!! Am so happy with this company, too; excellent customer service, beautiful printing, just everything so awesomely put together--thank you so much!!!

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Shipping Tape

Looks great! Ready to start shipping!

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Best Packaging Tape!

Best Packaging Tape! I use it all the time to ship out my boxes!

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Once loved, now frustrated

We've been using the packing tape for a long time and have always been impressed. However the last order I have noticed that its not sticking as well. I'm wondering if since the price dropped they are using different glue? I'm using the same technique I've always used but now I'm finding some areas are lifting up. Additionally, at the ends I'm having to tape them down so they down start to peel... En savoir plus

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A very sticky situation

See what I did there? We ordered custom packing tape and tape is sticky. Lol. It’s great tape and we are excited to have our logo on all of our packages. It takes our business up a level and will help customers know how to reach us.

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Didn’t arrive

My order didn’t arrive so I spoke with customer services, they told me they would send out a replacement. That didn’t arrive, and my reason for ordering has now passed. This all took over 2 months. Very disappointed.

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Brand Tape

Definitely recommend and support this product as is sustainable option. Great work !

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Packing Tape Goodness

I like how this looks, finish is smooth. Will order again.

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Love it!

Love how our custom tape turned out! I didn’t realize it was water activated. But that’s not a issue. It’s great and very strong!