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It's perfect

I've been slowly trying to make my packaging all or mostly eco-friendly and switching to this eco-friendly packaging tape will be perfect! I've already placed quite a few orders with StickerMule and have been loving how easy the process is! From choosing to use templates to uploading your artwork and proofing it. Thank you for making my packaging dreams come true!

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LMAO.. no adhesive- sponge

I missed that in the description.... LOL But i will try another product. You gotta love the littel mule, so i will give myself a second chance...LOL

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Exceeded my expectations

My final product exceeded my expectations. The artwork looks great and the tape is seriously sturdy and great for shipping. Great product for the price.

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Printing Quality

Honest, the printing of the label is flawless. It doesn’t look pixelated and I just love it! It came with two sponges you can use to wet the label before it’s placed on the package. I have not used it yet but I’ll compare it to the Amazon packing tape they use. I worked at Amazon so I know what to look for as far as needed moisture, how well it adheres to the box, and how hard it is to remove f... En savoir plus

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Amazing quality!

The color is great! The stickiness is great! The quality is just great!! This was a reorder and I will continue to!!

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So smooth and fun!

It was a smooth and And fun experience to order from sticker mule! I couldn't believe how fast they sent me my art draft because I submitted my art work past midnight! The shipping was much faster than stated, so it really put me at ease. They also made it very easy to figure out how much tape I needed. I didn't mind the fact that you had to wet the tape because my kids had fun helping me! Orde... En savoir plus

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Sticker Mule Doesn't Disappoint

This tape is the real deal. And the quality of the image turned out great as well. Will reorder in the future!

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Very Happy!

The service, the time and the Quality. Could not ask for more. Definitely will be a recurrent customer. it is a boos for my brand.

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The tape itself is brilliant however I didn't know it was water activated tape. Just thought it was normal packing tape. Having to now purchase a water tape dispenser in order to use it which I didn't really wanna do but hey ho. Can't fault the actual quality of the tape, design is spot on and strong tape.

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It’s not tape.

This product requires water to stick it. So really more a stamp than a tape. They give you a sponge to help in the process but I would have never purchased this had the description been more clear.