Mitchell Jackson

Ordered my wall graphic which took less than 10 minutes as the website is so easy to use! The design team were perfect getting it to the exact spec I asked for, then it was shipped from the US to Northern Ireland in just under a week, which I was able to track it the whole way online.

Got it applied to my office wall this morning and the end result I have to say has surpassed my expectations! The print quality and colour is bang on, and the quality of the graphic is excellent, its very pliable and with 2 people took just over 10 minutes to fit with the supplied instructions as a guide and the helpful squeegee that came with it.

I would definitely order from Stickermule again, im so pleased with the product and will definitely be recommending them to my contacts in future!

Comme ça? Il est facile de commander vos propres Stickers muraux aussi 🙂