Big sticker, big problems

Brian Smith

First off, the quality of the material and printing is outstanding as always with Sticker Mule. When we rolled this out of the tube, we were so excited! I only have one piece of constructive feedback. The instructions offer up a great way to install large wall decals, by peeling off the top section of backing and sticking that first, then working your way down. That seems like a fantastic way to do the install with minimal issues, but the backing was cut into vertical strips, not horizontal, so we could not work from top to bottom. The sticker was also rolled horizontally for shipping and the stiff backing gave it a persistence to roll up on itself as we tried repeatedly to do the install. In the end, it's on the wall... crooked, not centered, and with some creases, and we love our big decal... but I think that if we were able to install it per the instructions (if the backing cuts were in horizontal strips) the outcome would have been much more pleasant.

Comme ça? Il est facile de commander vos propres Stickers muraux aussi 🙂