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Amazing reproduction

Ramiz Vincent

My wall sticker looks beautiful. It's huge and perfect in every way. I LOVE it.

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Wall Graphic Looks Professional and Great!

Brian Gargone

Always great service!

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My stickers are perfect!

Ben Wilson

My stickers are perfect!

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we will roll out to all our location

bob curry

we tested the wall & floor graphics & love them! We will roll out to all our locations. Less expensive and we control quality vs a painter trying to do the same

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Awesome quality!

Jill Bowers

Super impressed! I was a little worried about a white border being around the sticker but I feel it make it so much cooler. Customer service is great as well! I'd keep using Sticker Mule!

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Venture Hacks

The stickers came out perfect. Great quality, clear image, and fast service. Thanks StickerMule for such a good experience!

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Sticker is great but...

Chris McGovern

The backing was split in the middle (rather than near the top as in the instructions). This made application of such a large sticker difficult as there was just too much adhesive area exposed from the start. Otherwise the sticker looks fabulous.

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Really happy with wall graphic


My wall graphic was shipped in a flat envelope that was somewhat crushed in transit. Only a small portion of the graphic was wrinkled and it smoothed out just fine as I applied it to my door. Application was fast and easy. I'm very pleased with the results!

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wall stickers


Would have liked to print them on a clear background as opposed to white. Ease of application was excellent.

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After some back and forth on color specs, stickers mostly look great

Lindsay Johnson

Definitely a two-man job putting them up and we're still dealing with some pesky bubbles that will not die. We've even tried pricking minute holes with a needle to let the air out, but there's still a couple that soldier on. Hrm. Hopefully they'll settle eventually...