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Wall Graphic Review

Formula 808

It was a slam dunk and easy to install.

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Excellent quality

Andrea Schofield

Ordered a large Japanese symbol for the boiler cupboard in our downstairs utility room. Excellent quality, quick delivery, easy to install. Just what we were looking for.

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Stepinac Lady Crusaders

The wall sticker was AMAZING! It completely exceeded my expectations. The quality of the material was fantastic and the crispness of the graphic was incredible!

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Awesome Quality

Andrew Lyons

Couldn’t ask for better quality and worth every penny!

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William Bennett

The end use for these stickers are to create highly accurate focus marks for a professional cine lens. I submitted art created in a CAD drawing program, Sticker Mule then created the overall black background, and assigned the proper colors to the various components. And, dimensionally the drawing was very exact.

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Brian Garza

Placed this wall graphic on the outside of our Firestation. Looks awesome from the street, driving by!

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Federico Frixione

Prodotto stupendo e ben fatto! Anche nei dettagli, personale molto disponibile e gentilissimo! Pienamente soddisfatto

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I hate giving 2 star reviews.

Sharon Polsky

After cleaning the wall extensively now twice they simply don't stick and every time I smooth it onto the wall the black ink is all over my hands.

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Pretty good!

Diamond Studios

The image itself was a TINY bit pixilated, but you could only tell when you're very up close to the graphic. Other than that, it's amazing!

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Total fail


Are you kidding? Asking for a review? After a previous order arrived in yhe worst possible quality...SM sends me someone rlse's order instead of mine! THEN they have the balls to make me wait a week for the replacement of my order that they failed on! Total lack of regard or respect for customers