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My bags showed, they are well printed - crisp and clear. The reason I give 4 stars is I do not like the (double) perforated area. It tears VERY easily opening and closing the bag. Given they are just plastic bags I don't believe making them less structurally sound was best practice. They are able be pulled or cut open without fatigue or duress without the perforation. That said I would still... En savoir plus

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Keep it Simple

I layered a line illustration on top of another "faded" illustration. They didn't screen the background as I supplied -- instead (because of their printing process I assume) they simplified and printed solid colors. Lesson learned? Simplify your designs and don't rely on halftones. Even registration of colors wasn't good. Still nice mailing product -- just different than supplied.

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Registration Issues

I love these mailing envelopes! Keep the design simple and don't expect tight registration (colors butting on another). Don't use small colored type; cause you'll end up with type that doesn't read well.

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Was really amazed at the quality of the mailers and the affordable price. Excellent service, amazing deals, would order again!

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Rad Poly Mailers

Awesome product. Really happy!

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Good Not Great

First off I bought these when they ran the special promo, I assume they were still working out some production issues. The printing quality is very good, but the bag stick together making in hard to put item into it. Also the "easy open tab" has torn open a few times on me when I was just putting stuff into the bag. Other than that the quality is good, not amazing, but very good. With that said... En savoir plus

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LOVE these mailer bags!

I ordered the mailer bags when I saw there was a promotion and I'm thrilled. They are sturdy and the print job is perfect.

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Too Fragile

The tear away portion on the bags tear when trying to seal the shirt. I only packed one shirt and it tore when trying to seal it up. Had to put tape to close before mailing it out.

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The Arkansas: A Tale of Ducks and Dogs Swag Bag

We love our ply mailer from Sticker Mule!

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Perfect mailers

I ordered these mailers with my business logo on them and they turned out perfect! The mailers are a medium weight, not light and flimsy and they have the "pull tear" for customers for an easy open. I love them!