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looks good but only works on new boxes

the tape graphics look great. however, this tape only works on new boxes. it dosent stick to plastic pacingtape on recycled boxes. My company tries to use recycled boxes as much as possible.

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Read the details

Not what I was expecting. This packing Tape requires a dispensing machine with a water feed to activate the adhesive backing. Cannot use this kind of Tape.

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Great Product

Definitely an awesome product. Helps my company brand the boxes we ship out.

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Custom Packing Tape

What a great addition to let people know who you are and improve your branding. I love it!

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Awesome Work!

Great experience with Sticker Mule! It was an easy process and definitely look forward to working with them again.

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Great Purchase!

I've gotten compliments from my first shipment with the custom tape. Very professional look and helps with impress my customers!

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Love it

Pictures are amazing! Can't wait to use the tape

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Great Company!

For the initial public offering at $9 delivered, it's great! I know that I will not pay $49 a roll, which will be there post release price. You can get custom tape around $12/roll at other places at regular price.

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Great quality tape.

The quality of the print on the tape is very good. I wish I had done more research on this type of tape in general before purchasing. 1. Having to wet the tap before affixing is a major pain 2. The smell of the glue is so potent and lingers for hours even though I only made 1 box so used only 2 cut offs of tape. I probably would've looked to printing my boxes vs branding them with tape... En savoir plus

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I ordered this tape to see how I would like it. I was NOT disappointed. This really makes my company look that much more professional!! I LOVE it!! So much so...I ordered a second roll.