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Large sticker perfectly printed

Sticker mule....you are awesome. I would knock someone over the head if they said any different.

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muy bad

The sticker quality and service was boss but i shouldn't have gone with this image. After 3 times of putting it on and off the wall I ended up cutting it where the font starts. To it's credit it is on the wall just fine despite my bad.

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Amazing buying experience from end to end!

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As always, fantastic quality project from Stickermule! Thank you!

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Looks Amazing

So these are great there durable washable and stick well. We put them on our Vehicles and they stick well and look fantastic.

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I really love how the stickers turned out! They were easy to apply and look absolutely stunning in my office space. The shipping was super fast too. Arrived a day early all the way to Japan!

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Quality control is random at StickerMule. My wall graphic had bends in it and white scuff marks.

My wall graphic just arrived. The colors are nice, and the size is what what i wanted. But there's bends in the vinyl and there's white scuff marks all over it. I don't think the person whos working the wall graphics machine is inspecting the final product. Or they are, and just not reprinting. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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High expectations

The wall graphic was printed in high quality but unfortunately it’s printed In an extremely thin material. This will inevitably cause wrinkles and excessive air bubbles. I suggest sticker mule uses a thicker material for their wall stickers. I’m Not happy with my purchase, unfortunately I will be removing it and throwing it away..

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Covid Koalas

These turned out so cute. We have young families coming into our swim school and the cute koalas make this COVID pandemic less scary for the little ones.

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Ottima finitura e semplicissimo da attaccare grazie alla spatola in plastica che era all’interno della box.