Leslie Cervantes

Had they showed pics of what your charm would look like from the back in their advertising images all over the site, I would not have bothered ordering. While the image I uploaded was printed just fine, instead of it being transparent on both sizes of the charm, the backside was just some kind of printed sticker of my image pasted on abd that surface exposed. I was expecting that even if the backside was white that it would be encased inside the charm itself. Nope, it is exposed. And to make it worse, all the backs of the charms have residue from the glueing on of the image, I'm assuming, making all the charms look terrible when you hold them up and can see through the clear border of the charm all the ikyness. And then last was the rough edges of all the charms.

I had so hoped that using this company would be an affordable alternative for some charms, but I guess you get what you pay for. There is no way I could recommend this company for charms with what they produced for me.

Comme ça? Il est facile de commander vos propres Breloques en acrylique aussi 🙂