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A perfect print


I was so blessed to have won a #MuleMonday giveaway from retweeting @StickerMule. They sent me fifty 2" by 2" acrylic charms and I was able to get a head start in spreading my art around. I made sure to send in a 300dpi copy of my artwork and the print they sent me is, for a lack of better words, spectacular. I am a technical doodler. I completely cover my art in fine lines and careful details ... En savoir plus

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great products

kendall Ellison

The charm came out great!

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Acrylic Charms cute but need work

Tina Goozner

These acrylic charms were nice but they are easily scratched and some were scratched when they arrived. The printing was great and very bold. The backs were not covered so the paint can be chipped pretty easy. The holes are not wide enough to attach clips easy. I have loved all my Stickermule purchases and I believe the quality will improve on these with time.

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Great product!


I think these are somewhat durable and are great for giveaways and keychains for people!

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Excellent love them

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Wow—Stickermule did it again, set me up with me lucky charms! Quality was killer, our customers love them!! Only edit I would make is printing the graphic on a clear film so it shows up on both sides. Will definitely order again!

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Humberto Pimentel

I received these recently and I would recommend them to anyone since I was please with the quality and price of the custom charms. What I like about them is that they can be used for so many things.

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More like acrylic charming, amirite?

Tammy Valgardson

These came out fantastic! Once you peel the protective layer off of the front, the image is sharp and the colours are gorgeous. My only quibble is the back of the charms have a coating that seems to be paint or glue and I worry that using a charm as a keychain is going to be too rough and the backing will get damaged/scratched off. ONLY TIME SHALL TELL! I am going to give it a go and see... En savoir plus

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These are awesome!

Heather Brown

Do you acrylic charms were the perfect addition to our bracelets we were selling for a fundraiser!

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Not what I thought

Ryan Ginn

This is not what I had in mind when ordering. So close to being great but overall not something I would recommend at the moment. The charm/keychain is basically a one-sided sticker stuck to the acrylic. I was thinking it was going to be fully incased in acrylic......however there is no ring attached to the charm to help with use. I am having to order rings to place on these so they can be ... En savoir plus