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Beautiful done charms


The charms were top of the line done!! Just wish the hole was a little bigger for them, cuz they dont fit most key holes. But otherwise greatly done and clean.

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Great product

Lori Remenicky

These shipped to me quickly and they are so cute and well made.

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Lady Frost

The perfect and unique small gift or token.

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A Marshall

If you are looking for different cool items to create and use to help promote your business or turn your hobby into a business, get you some charms. Stickermule is my go to!

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Doesn’t come with chains

Dan Swartz

I was under the impression that these charms would come with chains, but they do not. The holes for inserting the chains looks too small. I might have to come up with a Plan B.

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I loved them so much I ordered some more!

Kelly breedwell

I loved my first order so much that I ordered more! I can't wait to make new designs and have more made!

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Really great idea, unfortunate shipping damage.

Konnor Arnaud

All in all love the concept of these and am thankful to have them, however the design itself flakes and chips really easy and the majority of the charms have already had the design chipped and damaged in shipping.

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First time is always memorable

Steve Martinez

The charms look better than expected. I am excited to share them. The order and fulfillment process were seamless with no surprises.

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Pretty cool product!

Jordan Davis

These charms are great! Amazing printing quality and die cut. The only thing I worry about is the ink being scratched off on the back!

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20 Year Perfect Memory

Robin Wolfe

Never knew these wonderful charms were available. They represent a beautiful memory. The quality is outstanding! I enjoy how they can be made into keychains, pendants & more.