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Should have seen the dark mode

issis estrada

The outline of my charms was great, and since I assumed my charm would be all white with only the border clear, I didn't think twice to look at it in dark mode. When they arrived I was pretty disappointed to see only parts of it were white, making the charm look pretty messed up. Not sure if I would order again, it is partially my fault for not viewing it in dark mode, but I would have thought ... En savoir plus

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Made some earrings

Jessica Hall

Perfect, lightweight and great color!! LOVE THEM!

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Made a Key chain

Jessica Hall

These were amazing quality, lightweight! Process and shipping was super fast, will be getting more!

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Good but some of the lines didn’t show up


It was my first charm, so I was excited, however some of the thinner lines didn’t show up and image was kind of blurry.

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Amazing! But would like more protection~

Cayeleen Adlawan

They came out beautifully! However, I hope sometime in the future that the back of the charm will be more covered as it’s exposed. It being exposed can result in the art becoming scratched off overtime.

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matt goncalves

The keychains came out excellent. I couldnt ask for anything more except maybe a small little ring to hook it onto my keys or something. Other than that, perfect!

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These charms are fun!

Kaaty Squid

I really love their charms. They're inexpensive, and of good quality. I do, however, have a couple of critiques. The print is a little grainy. And the print can be scratched off quite easily due to no protective backing. I plan on covering mine with a clear coat or matte medium, so it's an easy enough fix. Other than those things, I do really enjoy their charms!

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Totally awesome

Chad VT

I love these!! Turned them into necklaces and everyone loves them. Also very fast turn around time.

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Absolutely love these charms

Maria Marquis

These charms are way better than I expected them to be, and to be clear: my expectations were already quite high! I even love the backside of them - my design was made with black lineart with no background, and the result is absolutely fantastic! Love them, recommend trying them out for yourself!

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Corgi Pinball Gallery Promo

Sherry Disney

These are so cute. Making charm bracelets and earrings for a give-away promo at an upcoming show! I know the charms will be a hit! They are so cute. Print is sharp and they can be easily made into jewelry.