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Poor quality

Alexis Tarwater

I was very disappointed when my acrylic charms arrived. The print has a weird white fuzz around the edges and is stuck onto the back sort of like a higher quality sticker, but with no layer of acrylic over it to protect it. Several of the charms came right out of the package with holes in the print, so I highly doubt these would be very durable. I would not recommend these.

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Not Bad


These are the first time Sticker Mule has dabbled in acrylic charms and I'm impressed. I will say I wish they were double sided as some of the charms that came in had small parts of the design chipped off making some of them spotty/incomplete, but again this is their first time producing this product. Maybe add a sealant on the back so that the design doesn't come off. Nice and sturdy with a ho... En savoir plus

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Backing please?

Miss Rachel Connors

So my charms arrived this morning faster than expected thankyou mule. +1 The turn around was very quick as apposed to competitors +1 However ,while there was packing in the box +1 There was no protection on the back of the charms and two arrived damaged.. it wouldn't take much to put the same protection on the back as you do the front. Especially for international orders like I was -1 ... En savoir plus

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These are dope!

Wade Haye

Minus a few that got damaged (It happens I guess), these are pretty neat. Always wanted to get Keychains done for my Blog, and now I got some. Big up StickerMule!

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Awesome Charms

Jess Musiak

The charms are awesome - even better int hat I won them. LOVE Sticker Mule. These will make great little kep chains.

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Absolutely gorgeous


Sticker Mule has done it again-- made me adore something I never knew I wanted. The charms were solid, well-machined, with high-quality images. I can't wait to offer these to my beloved reader community. (They are a promo item for my next book series.) My only tiny teeny complaint is that the hole at the top is so small that only the thinnest wire will fit through. took a bit of wrangling to... En savoir plus

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Holy Heck

Shelly Taylor

I won my charms through #mulemonday and I'm honestly so happy with the outcome! The image was super clear and came with their protective layer on the front [thank you for providing a little note saying to peel the layer off] Completely over the moon with the result and would happily order more of these bois again

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Amazing quality


I ordered the minimum quantity (10) just to test the quality and was not disappointed. The quality of the charms are fantastic! The graphic came out super clear! The charms do not come with chains, but I expected that. I'll definitely be ordering more of this initial design as well as other designs moving forward! It would be nice to be order quantities that aren't just multiples of 10... En savoir plus

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Definitely Requires Some Improvement


I'm very glad that I won these charms in a giveaway rather than purchasing them outright, because there are a lot of things about these charms that need improving before I purchase them for my business. The process by which these charms are produced is printing the image desired on a single side of an acrylic resin, which is fairly common, but the printer used at Sticker Mule leaves a very gra... En savoir plus

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Won Some Free Charms - Luck of the Dirty Blankets

Kenneth Clark

Won free charms from a Twitter giveaway. Ended up sharing these charms at a show in Rochester New York at flour City Station. Fans loved these little trinkets. Some grasp the idea of earrings, necklaces, bracelets. The options are endless. Double sided option would be great!