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Much nicer than I expected

Christine Renee

The acrylic is much thicker than I thought it would be based on the video I watched. They're quite chunky. My one complaint is that the images on 3 of the pendants had holes in them. But then I realized there were 3 extra pendants. So it worked out. Maybe that's just what they do when there are defective products. This was my first time ordering from Sticker Mule and I was really impres... En savoir plus

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Very good quality


However, they should definitely be coated on the back if you aren’t going to print on both sides. The side that has the design on it gets scratched off from excess use, a coating of something or simply printing the design on both sides would make it perfect!

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They look great and are exactly what I ordered

Megan Gertler

My only criticism is that they would look better double sided. I didnt order double sided and that's my fault. For my next order, I will know better and order both sides printed.

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Excellent quality and customer service

April Morin

I ordered these charms for a support group for Relapsing Polychondritis and the members all love the charms! I also am so happy with the quality and excellent customer service.

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Great for the turnaround

misty figueiredo

I didnt realize these were single sided charms, so having an option to make them double sided would be wonderful and more aking to keychain use. The turnaround time is very fast and delivery came 3 days earlier than estimate. The image itself is a bit grainy looking and there are white foxy edges like maybe the cutting blades needed to be changed, from far away its fine but obvious upon closer ... En savoir plus

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Great quality charms/keychains!

James Cross

These are awesome. At first I was horrified at how bubbly and scratched it was, but then I realized there's a protective film that has to be removed. My box had a little card noting that, while my fiancée's order did not – good thing I was able to let her know! in case anyone else doesn't get the note in their order, make sure to peel the coating :)

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Incredibly impressed

Charlotte Thompson

They are fabulous and everyone I've shown so far has been super impressed. Just need to figure out how to turn it into a keychain now!

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Shelly Lehman

The hole was not big enough to put a chain into to use it. Had to drill it.

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Perfect for so many things

Tommy Danger

Whether you want this as an ornament or a necklace it just looks so good. At first I thought a couple of mine were scratched but I learned there is a little protective film on the top which was huge! They look so nice!

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Shrinky Dinks for Grownups

Lauren Forsch

The acrylic charms are great. We use them as a token of appreciation to build loyalty when customers attend our "HEAL" events. They were very well received!