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So Cute!

Connie Huth

I didn't know what to expect, but as always this product from StickerMule was perfection! Adorable, well printed, quality. Definitely recommend this product.

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Awesome customer service

Teresa E Lewis

My first order of acrylic Charms was not quite right… However, the representative at sticker mule corrected the issue and now they are wonderful! Thank you so much sticker mule, my charms are awesome!

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Customer service is the best

Elizabeth Noonan

So I ordered charms but ended up receiving pins instead. Customer service replied to me and had the replacements shipped out same day. Service is next to none. The charms were great. However, as I received pins, I wanted to add a note about them. The pin backing is only attached by a small foam sticky pad, which is extremely easy to peal off. I would be worried about these falling off. (As I ... En savoir plus

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Cheap and Chipped

Cryssy Beckman

I had high hopes as my stickers from here have always been great quality. However the charms are awful. I ordered ten and three of them came with chips and dings in the artwork. There is also no protective coating on the back so the artwork scratches and peels easily. These were going to be sold in my store as a companion to the stickers of the same artwork but they are garbage. I would not put... En savoir plus

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Ink splotches on every piece

April Rubio

Really disappointed with this batch, when I inspected every piece, they all had ink splattered on the borders. And the blue color printed parts of the milk carton were too faint to discern. Practically all white.

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Pretty ok!

RainbowDawn Productions

I have ordered some charms before, and for some reason, this time and last time BOTH only gave me 9 rings when theres 10 charms, and BOTH on the last printed charm the printing we scratched or chipped, while the remaining 9 were fine, just the 10th one is always the messed up one.

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Mostly good!

April Rubio

I ordered my first batch of charms and these were good! The print was clear and colorful and there were only a few that had ink splotches on the non-printed area

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Illyana Balde

Made these for my boyfriend and they turned out amazing!

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Protective film is one-sided

Valda Vermillion

While I appreciate the protective film, it’s only one sided which resulted in the print in at least two of my charms to be scratched. There could be more as I just opened the box.

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It’s okay, but could be better.


Stickermule has great deals for buying in bulk with the price rates. I am satisfied with their products & customer service. Although when it comes to their acrylic charms, I do think they should add a double side or cover the bottom side with acrylic as well, the print is just exposed on the back so I noticed they could easily get scratched & peel off the design/artwork. Plus sometimes when I g... En savoir plus