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My packing tape was perfect

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Excellent service and quality

My packing tape is perfect!

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I could’ve cried when i received my poly mailers. I love them so much. Thanks so much sticker mule.

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Good quality!

I love my custom packaging!

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Great Poly mailers

These poly mailers are great for our non profit. Perfect for the scarves we ship out. The adhesive holds tight.

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Looks nice but not very sticky.

A little disappointed with our custom tape unfortunately. We love sticker mule products and everything else we've order from here has been great however we wouldn't order this tape again. It's not very adhesive, you have to wet it first and it's not really useful for actually holding a box together. We ended up having to put clear tape on the top of it as it kept peeling off the packaging.

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So sharp and GREAt quality!

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Late delivery :(

Super bummed! This was our first Sticker Mule order and we were hoping to have our mailers in time to get our small business Saturday orders out in them! They were originally scheduled for delivery in 12/3, but it turns out there weren’t even shipped until that day...so we had to go buy a bunch of mailers from a big box store. :( They were then scheduled for delivery today, but weather has dela... अधिक पढ़ें

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Rocks by Liz Tape

I love my Rocks by Liz tape and the ability to securely seal my boxes up with my own special branding!

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Mailers are Impressive!

The custom printing you did for our mailers was just superb! Excellent job! You can expect a repeat order!