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Awesome product!

Couldn't be more pleased! Very easy to order, reasonably priced, came earlier than expected and quality was great! Using stickermule for all future needs.

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We discovered Sticker Mule through a partner site. We took advantage of the offer and WOW were we impressed when we received our order. Super fast turn around time and the quality of our coaster well....absolutely awesome! OK OK...their just coaster's right? No! For us it's our brand and we always look for quality print and Sticker Mule Delivered! Thanks a million!!

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Lines were too thin

The quality of the product was great but I guess the lines on my art and one of my fonts were too thin (1-2 px). Portions of the artwork (in white) are barely visible against the background (in black). That's fine if this is a limitation of print however I would have preferred to have been notified of this prior to approving the proof. Even a general warning on artwork submission would suffi... अधिक पढ़ें

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Great quality, thick, durable sticker, great colours, sharp lines!

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Easy and quick

Couldn’t be easier. I was bummed I could only buy one $100 gift card with the $25 discount but pleased regardless.

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Just what the doctor ordered

Very impressed with the service and speed as well as the quality, which is excellent. Will order again and keep a look out for more special offers too.

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Proofing procedure needs improvement

Unfortunately, I had a lot of back and forth trying to get the proof right. This may partially have been my fault as I never saw the templates for the item. You'd think they'd put them where you do the ordering instead of at the footer of the site. I'd re-do the proof, ask some questions and never get an answer and it would never change even though I had specified what the problem was. Ende... अधिक पढ़ें

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Great Quality!

I ordered my Route 66 Santa design and they came out perfect. Great quality stickers. I'll definitely be ordering more.

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Impressed with quality and color!

We ordered a few variations of this design with different messaging and bold colors. I'm impressed with both the quality of the coasters and the vibrancy of color.

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The perfect addition!

My dad LOVES coasters! These were the perfect addition to his party! Condition was excellent and they were enjoyed by many! Well worth it!