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Mule Sauce

I ordered this for my husband, and he dearly loved it. Said it was delicious! I'm not surprised that it's awesome. With all the great products Sticker Mule has, how could their sauce be any different?

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Not as spicy as the label would advertise - this is a good thing :)

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This sauce did not disappoint! Good on everything!

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Work coasters

Purchased for sales giveaways. Looks good, matched the company colors as well.

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Surprisingly good!

At first when I received news that sticker mule was coming out with their own hot sauce I was caught off guard. It was random. But after receiving a bottle of this sauce I was instantly a fan. I received my package when I was at work and had to try it. Poured a bag of chips out and gave all my coworkers a taste of the Mule sauce. 5 out of 5 stars. Has a nice kick to it , and is semi sweet. I en... अधिक पढ़ें

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So Hot Right Now

Love the hot sauce!

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It's FAB

I thought this was a joke but all kidding aside this sauce is so good! It's bomb on everything don't miss out

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Wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised

Spicy without taking away from the dish. Slightly sweet. Good asf!

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It sure does kick a$$!

Best tasting hot sauce I’ve had in a while!