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Honestly, a sticker company has no business making hot sauce this good (but I'm really glad they do).

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Sweet, spicy, and absolutely delicious!! Well done, stickermule!

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Hot n Tasty!

A bit nippy but great flavor

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Plenty of Kick

Good flavor with plenty of heat. Give it a try.

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Kick ass

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Good Flavor, Unfortunately Too Sweet

The flavor of the peppers is really good, however, I find the sweetness overpowering. I would really like to try a no-sugar version of this sauce. As for the current bottle, it'll be good to kick up chili, meatloaf, etc...

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I Wanna Give Eight Stars for this Sauce!!

THE ABSOLUTELY BEST HOT SAUCE on the planet! Mule Sauce is perfect, this is my second bottle! Please make this hot sauce forever!

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Shockingly good!

Very good sauce.

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Decent Flavor, Mix of Sweet & Savory

This sauce has a decent amount of flavor. It's a bit more on the sweet side than savory. My Kidzilla likes it quite a bit!

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Fast and high quality!

The ordering and review process was very easy. The coasters shipped so quickly and they feel high quality. I can't wait to send these out as Save the Dates!