A solid three point five stars.


These remind me a bit of "shrinky dinks" as far as the style.

The plastic was clear and nicely cut. It was a bit sharp on the edges but I don't see a way around that. The charm seemed durable. The image was crisp and clear to form. The item appeared like the proof said it was.

However, the end result feels just a bit "cheap" as a charm. It is a thick piece of acrylic plastic clear on once side with a flat, mat print on the other (which shines through the clear part). I wonder over time how it will look if the printed side starts to wear down. Overall they are nice little trinkets but it's a bit hard to imagine this as a premium branded item or merch item that people would value particularly.

My final thought would be to see how well the pieces last over time. So, I am not entirely sure at this time.

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