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Very Inconsistent Charm Quality


Some of these charms look great but unfortunately in my case over half were heavily chipped, or scratched, or had dust particles trapped inside the acrylic, or missing chunks of the design under the acrylic. I suspect some of the damage happened in the shipping process but a lot of the blemishes were underneath the acrylic too. The charms were just stuffed in a bag in a cardboard box with only ... अधिक पढ़ें

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Smaller than expected

Monique Rosario

Charms were a little smaller than expected but they are still cute

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Great cost and speed for good quality


The charms came out really cute, with good quality for the cost and the speed. I also really liked that StickerMule's staff will do the cut line for you so I didn't have to do that myself.

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really cool

S Rod

i was nervous about how big the charm hole thing in the proof was, but it came out beautiful in person.

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always making my designs come to life!

strawberry Hopkins

I love love love sticker mule, this order was my second time purchasing and I can confidently say my expectations were blown out of the water! 100% ordering again. The charms I purchased were exactly what I imagined!

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Masiel Bryson

They did exactly what I had in mind perfectly. I'm so happy

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Great quality

Krishna Morelos

Love using stickermule for my acrylic charms. I appreciate the fact they come with a protective film over the designs!

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Low durability


I’ve order a couple batches of keychains, but they’ve all ended the same. Although they look awesome at first, the image chips off in about a month or so. I’ve had a lot of people reach out to complain about the lack durability

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Love it

VMarie .L

I love my charms

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Fantastic Quality!


The print quality is amazing; I'll definitely be getting my charms from here again.