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Thought they were going to be bigger but still great quality and very cute!

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Love the magnets!

The printing quality is great and I just love my magnets!

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This is my third order with Sticker Mule and couldn't be happier. They do a superb job from beginning to end. Beyond impressed and grateful for finding Sticker Mule.

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Perfect for our post holiday party!!

These are perfect for our post holiday party. We will be giving them to members as part of a gift bag. Great deal on them and they are very high quality. We didn't want anything larger. We have gotten a few orders from Sticker Mule and would recommend them any time!

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Just what we wanted

These magnets are exactly what we were hoping for. Sticker Mule always does such an incredible job!

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Neat & effective

Perfect to add some brand visibility on the road. Used magnets as bumper stickers. Work was very neat.

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they came out exactly as desired! i couldn’t be happier with the quality and results!!

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I Love these magnets! They are definitely an eye catcher and great quality!

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love it

great quality - people enjoy receiving these magnets.

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These magnets turned out exactly as I expected! My first image that I submitted was not the optimal size, but it was relatively easy to replace it. In addition, Sticker Mule offers a service to convert the image for the non-tech-savvy people, which I definitely appreciate. I am more than pleased with this first order and will be reordering soon. Thanks!