Astro Bunny

Proofs: VERY FAST. Got them within 10min of putting in my order.
Updated Proofs: VERY FAST. Got updated proofs with my edit requests within 15min of making them.
Production: VERY FAST. Shipped 2 days after ordering (approved my order within 1hr of putting it through), it's safe to say it took 2 days for them to print my 50 holo & 50 matte 2x2s
Shipping: VERY FAST. Ordered/Approved JAN 17. Arrived JAN 20.

Originally ordered as holo but the proof made me change my mind. I asked for it to be changed to matte die cut and it was so easy/fast! Super cute. Great quality. Feels great in hand! This was a test batch order for me, and since it went SO well, I immediately ordered the rest of my star stickers in my remaining brand colors!

क्या आपको ये पसंद है? अपना खुदका डाई कट स्टिकर्स ऑर्डर करना भी आसान है 🙂