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The best

This hot sauce kicks ass! The beat hot sauce I have had in a long time, if not the best I have ever had. The notes in this sauce is amazing. The fist taste I had i was hooked. With the sweet taste at first, then bam you’ve been kicked by a mule with the heat. The perfect amount of heat and not overwhelming.

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Soooo good!

I had no idea how awesome this is! Definitely will get again

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mule hot sauce

awesome stickers, awesome hot sauce.

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Good Stuff!

I have been putting this stuff on almost everything I eat. I am almost out and will be ordering more in the future

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Sauce is the Boss!

Sweet and spicy. This sauce is so good. I threw it on eggs yesterday and it was the bomb. Love it. I'm hooked!

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Great Flavor

Spicy and Flavorful. We eat a lot of different hot sauces and this one was surprisingly unique.

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Nice kick, too sweet

I like trying new hot sauces but this one isn't for me; I don't favor a sweet sauce. You can taste the fruit of the bell pepper, which is nice and it has a kick from the ghost pepper but this sauce could use a bit more vinegar and definitely some more salt to round out the flavor profile and tone down the sweetness.

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Awesome Sauce

I got this as a free gift with a special they were running. I am a hot sauce fanatic and always go to festivals and different shops around the world. I love it so much and can’t get enough!! I highly recommend it, and will absolutely be buying this for myself and friends. The perfect balance of heat (if you like spicy) and some sweetness as well.

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The good amount of spice!!!!

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ordered decals, came with mule sauce by surprise

I thought it would be ok sauce, It was damn good hopefully i get a bottle every time i order