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Good stuff

Has a great flavor.

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This Mule Did not Kick

I appreciated the free bottle of sauce, however as a chili head and former Salsa and Sauce company owner the sauce lacked punch with the three peppers listed. The categorized peppers are high Scoville Units. I would love to lend a hand in the sauce recipe free of charge.

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I'm a hot sauce fanatic... this sauce rocks!

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This hot sauce is super tasty!

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Pretty Tasty

I added this to my chicken soup to make it spicier. It not only added a little kick but a bit of flavor. I definitely will order it again.

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Haven't even tried it yet...

Free Sample....gotta be good.

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This is a very good business because you have the opportunity to create stickers for many reasons; fun, birthdays, even for promotional uses as well. As an artist this is so clutch to promote my brand on top of being able to customize my stickers to exact specifications that allow me to express myself as well.

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First time buyer

The bottle unfortunately broke in transit. The good news is that it was wrapped sufficiently as not to leak and effect the stickers shipped in same box. I can say that sauce smelled good!

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UUUmaAzing Sauce

It's a new favorite hot sauce of mine! I've already gone through a bottle, and am on my second :) My friend tried it and wants to buy a few for Christmas gifts, he loved it too!

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Not bad, but also not spicy.

With as many hot peppers were on the side, we thought that it would be spicer. Had a nice flavor though ;)