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Review of clings

These are high quality and very "sticky!" Another awesome product from Sticker Mule!

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Static Sticker

Amazing quality and very easy to remove and adjust accordingly.

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Great Clingers!

Stickers are great but the design forces the cling to be on the outside of the glass. I would prefer it to be on the inside so they could be put inside of a car window. However, I have one on our Gift Shop window and it is fabulous!!!

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Crisp, Clear, and Clingy!

Our new window clings came fast and in top quality! They cling well to my car window...and will work great for our volunteers to identify who they support! As always....a pleasure to do business with Sticker Mule...quality product and quick turn around.

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Static clings

I was rather disappointed with the clings. The side with the backing clings much better than the front. I specifically asked if the image needed to be reversed and was told "no". This is not the case from what I can tell. The clings are clearly of high quality but the information I was given is incorrect.

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Great product, easy to apply and reapply

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Repeat order

My "go to" place. Love everything I've ordered.

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Really Fun and Reusable!

Printing is awesome and the fact that the clings are reusable is a great statement of a small step toward sustainability. we use them at brew fests to label tasting cups with our logo. if the cup is disposable the fest goer can relocate the cling to another item or vehicle. CHEERS! gret item.

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One-sided disappointment

The clings themselves seem great, but they can only be put on the outside of a window...or on your mirror. If you want to use them on a car (our purpose), being on the outside of a window makes them virtually unusable. It would be nice if they could be printed on the cling side so that you can put them on the inside of a car window.

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Great Quality!

Love our static clings! They turned out great and work better than expected!!