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Beautiful and Works for (Nearly) Everyone

We used these clings for the interior of car windshields as parking permits for our office space. I'd say they're sticking to about 80% of our employees' windshields. A few are having issues, but they're just placing them on the dash. They cling on the front end, so it is perfect if it sticks!

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Misunderstanding unresolved

The sticker clings I ordered were shipped and arrived fast and looked amazing. the only problem was the sticky side of the cling is on the wrong side and was wondering how I should proceed with this order or what I can do?

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Come on! These stickers are cute and really give you a desire to want to give to Hero Kids Foundation!

SO I have said it before, say it again ! Stickermule does a fantastic job! I enjoy waiting for their package like a 9 year old waits for that first sip of soda to spin him up!!! I do wait for sales, again a non-profit I want to make sure I am spending our monies wisely and with Stickermule there is no doubt! R/ John A. Raniowski, Founder Hero Kids Foundation.

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high quality / super price!

the best quality and price you can get out there! we are super happy how it ends up looking.

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Awesome clings!

Nice quality, sticks well.. fast shipping. Thank you Sticker Mule!

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Nice. Exactly how I imagined.

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Greatest Window Clings Ever

Super fast delivery and exactly as ordered... Removable window clings are the Best !!

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Terrible hold

These barely hang onto a window. Really not pleased.

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RideAfide Window Clings - AWESOME

These are absolutely Awesome, RideAfide.com is an independent verification system for Rideshare drivers and many drivers dont want a permanent emblem or sticker on their vehicle or may use different vehicles. These solved a huge issue for RideAfide and allow drivers around the world easily display their safety emblem on any vehicle and remove them with no damage. Easy to apply and remove a... अधिक पढ़ें

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Great decals!

These decals came out beautiful! Colors are crisp, decals stick to everything, and they even threw in a few extra ;) Will definitely order again!