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Another WIN!

These stickers came out perfect and sold out during our event! Will be ordering more soon! Thank you Sticker Mule!

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Cling On!

These clings work very well and look great. Not a negative but just so people are aware these are not see through and the image can only be seen from one side. So, if you are hoping to put it on a window where people can see it from the opposite direction you will only be able to see a silhouette of the image from the back. The color was exact to our digital rendering. These are a great alterna... अधिक पढ़ें

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Outdid my expectations

These clings are great! They arrived early, the edges are crisp, and my design is perfectly captured! Thanks for getting the edges so even and exact. They stick perfectly to objects I didnt even consider before.

उपयोगकर्ता अवतार

Came Out Perfect.

These are fantastic... the print quality is great.. I was really concerned about how the smaller detail would come out, but they came out fine. Really pleased with this.

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Great Value - Fantastic Image

In addition to the great value, the Clings look fantastic. Very fast turn around time for shipping. I expect these are going to be great sellers for my fans!

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Great quality!!!

They came out amazing and are flying off the shelf!!!!!

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Canisteo stickers

You all did a great job and everyone likes them . Fast and the price was great. A lot of sailor have these in their cars. Thanks again for everything.

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Pleased all around

Love the look! Sticker Mule hasn’t disappointed. Quick. Easy and honest. If they can’t do what you want, they show you what they can.

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Love, love, love stickermule

These clings are absolutely awesome. The kids and the parents in the club love them. Stickermule is so easy to work with. Our order was perfect.

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High Hopes

Was honestly thinking that these stickers' design would be print on BOTH sides when first ordering. Now the viewing party on ONE side on the window reaps in ALL of the perks behind the visual aesthetics side and the other is forced to lay eyes on an awfully BLAH grey of adhesive. : /