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Excellent print quality, awful adhesion

The print quality on these is outstanding, like any other product I've gotten from sticker mule, (even with my crummy artwork) But the cling adhesion is awful. I also assumed they clinged on the artwork side, but they don't. As in, inside of a window. They sit like a sticker that doesn't adhere to anything. I've tried them on a dozen different surfaces and different windows and they just... अधिक पढ़ें

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The came out Perfect. Love them

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Love These Stickers

I am so pleased with how my Sticker Mule stickers turned out! The personal touch is evident in all my dealings with this company. Prompt shipping and great customer service. Thanks!

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Really good quality

Excellent quality, super quick order process and they seem to know what they are doing when it somes to proofs. I have used many other companies for similar products and been disappointed with the results but after 5 orders with stickermule, I haven't been disappointed with any order. Amazing.

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Second order

Just as satisfied with my second product! My window clings are working perfectly and something fun to give away to customers as a thank you!

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Love It!

Love it how my stickers came out. The quality is great and it arrived before the estimated date. Highly recommend it :)

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Simply superb quality!

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They are absolutely perfect!! awesome work!

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Always impressed by the turnaround speed

The static clings are great. Had been waiting for SM to start making them and these are perfect for handing out to my supporters' club. Immediately tossed one on my car's rear window. You might want to squeegee it down somehow, but they stick really well and come off clean, ready to re-stick.

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Turned out so cute!

These window clings were so cute! They seem durable, definitely great print quality, and I love window clings as an alternative to stickers even for laptops and water bottles.