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Slight Misplacement and Peeling

Zachary Citron

Sticker quality is hot. Would recommend. Reason I give Okay rating and not Great is the following: 1). I received two batches of 50 stickers. The first batch had the entire sheet shifted about 10 pixels upwards. Not a terrible mess up but undesired. 2). Actually removing the stickers from their sticker sheet proves a difficult task. I gave a sheet to a friend who managed to destroy the... अधिक पढ़ें

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Good, Not Great

Samuel Christian

This is my fourth Sticker Mule order, and it was, for the most part, the same quality I've come to expect from them. However, the cuts on this batch were subpar. As always, the image quality and detail are superb, and the materials are top notch, but only 1 of every 5 sheets was cut on the actual lines. The rest cut off small sections of the border and were off center. I fully endorse o... अधिक पढ़ें

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Jessica Huff

When I saw some of the brands that trusted Sticker Mule with their prints in the gallery, I knew Sticker Mule would be a great fit for me! I posted a comprehensive review of Sticker Mule here: http://thepixelista.com/sticker-mule-review/

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Could not have been better!

Latoya Chambers

Stickers were perfect and arrived ahead of schedule. Thanks

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So Funny

Samuel Christian

I was concerned a photo wouldn't translate into stickers, but these are hilarious. the die cuts are perfect and the quality is top-notch. Already placed a re-up order for a new set. Thanks!

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Wax seal stickers

brian faulkenberry

They were done fast and the color was perfect.

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Great job for price/Speedy delivery

D.P. Knudten

The sticker sheet I ordered came out exactly as I wanted and designed. The kiss cut could be a little deeper to make getting the sticker off the page a little easier, but it's more of a "wish for" than a "deal breaker." I will definitely be ordering more stickers in the future—there's nobody local who can touch this for price or speed.

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Look great!

Mario Kroll

Great quality! Quick turnaround! Perfect!

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very impressed

Daniel Guerrero

I really like my stickers, they came in way sooner than expected. I'm happy :~)

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Love them

Robert Oyler

Very impressed with how fast the order was shipped. The quality of the sticker surpassed my expectations. I think it might work outside against the elements too. Will order again when these run out.