Customer Service Issues

Melissa Barnabo

I worked with customer service over the course of 2 days to help create my order.They don't have a call in number so you are left to communicate via email. The customer service individual was not understanding my needs which were quite simple. Two square labels with my logo, on one 8.5" x 11" label sheet. The exercise and investment of time over the course of two days were futile. When my order arrived it was one logo label on the sheet. I contacted customer service about the issue and she did not offer to discount the current order. She offered to reorder the whole order again, and give me a $20.00 discount. I am still not confident that they understand my needs. I believe that if I could make a call into customer service, that we could rectify these issues quickly and easily but unfortunately that is not the case. I am tired of communicating via email, it feels futile at this point. Very disappointed with the customer service.

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