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Good at dispensing labels, needs improvement on general function

Yaakov Rosenbaum

Labels dispense clean and consistent, but the machine randomly turns itself off. Seems to have some sort of built-in auto-off function that no one wants. Also, one of the two machines we bought had a sharp edge on the label feeding lip. Every time a label was dispensed, the machine would rip the backing. We used a file to smoothen out the edge. We also found that when using the machines ... Leggi di più

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Don’t work

Sophie jean

I ordered this Product but it doesn’t work!!!

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Big But Helpful


At first glance out of the box, it looks gigantic - but it's designed to hold many sizes of labels, which it does. Initial setup is very simple, the magnet 'key' that holds the end of the roll is a great implementation. ** Remember when ordering labels to use the "orientation" option set to TOP, so they come off the roll the right way up! Now...mine initially wouldn't switch on, however after ... Leggi di più

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Doesn't work.


Powers on, but won't make sound or do anything. Litterally. It does nothing. Just lights up. Won't feed, won't move. Contacting for support.

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Too Saucy

Troy Shirt Co. / Troy Cloth & Paper

Ordered a label maker, box arrived a day later than originally promised and when i opened it up turned out to be a crate of hot sauce. Not too pleased with customer service, especially when i reached out directly to one of their supply chain managers. You would think they would want to know when their is a disruption or an issue with an order. Now its a holiday weekend and cannot use for an eve... Leggi di più

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sasha revolus

Way to big, misfires slot and turns off randomly once in a while.

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Label Dispenser

Dave Weidner

Any product that has a specific brochure made to distribute to customers who complain about wires that come undone during shipment needs to be evaluated-I shouldn’t be expected to be an amateur electrician to repair a product that gets damaged during shipping. What u get for the price point I suppose.

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Label Dispenser


This machine comes in very handy.

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So glad I got one !

Alicia's Wonderland

I love it ! It's easy to use and efficient and it makes packaging so much easier ! my problem now is wanting to create more labels to use lol

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So easy to use I made it difficult

Angel Ortega

I recently got the label dispenser & it's super easy to use and set up. It's so easy I over complicated it. Once I set up & adjust to fit my labels I was impressed. This will be a time saver. I'm really looking forward & crossing fingers that StickerMule also make a similar device for their packaging tape! The only ding I have is the the dispenser footprint is a larger than I expected. There... Leggi di più