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Build Bridges Not Walls Stickers

Awesome stickers.

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Great Service

I had a need for a new/revised sticker for our Association. The existing sticker was large, like a bumper sticker, and I wanted it to be window sticker size. stickermule revised it and made it smaller in a timely manner and produced a few samples. Good thing! I found that the clear background was not useful and asked for a white background revision. Again, it was done in a timely manner and the... Leggi di più

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Mercy Marlin Field Hockey

Other than being the wrong type of sticker... it came out AWESOME!

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Vehicle windshield stickers

These really came out great!

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Awesome stickers

Perfect, as always.

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Stickermule Is AWESOME

Perfect, clean, and awesome. Our customers love them, we love them.

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I'm with Lady Liberty!

Love these! Always perfect, always early, always awesome. Love these window decals!

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Great product UNBELIEVABLE Customer Service

I cannot believe the success of these stickers! The front adhesives went on easily and I had no problem straightening it if I needed to. I handed out 60 of them and the only suggestion I got was that there should be instructions on the back. I know that's what we're used to but people please, it is a sticker. Maybe some tips to make a successful stick might be helpful. The color was slight... Leggi di più

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Turned out great!

Appreciated all the design help and the stickers turned out great!

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They kinda stay...

I wish the adhesive was a bit stronger. We have high condensation windows and the stickers unfortunately peel off, but will re-order as they are a nice add in for our customers.