What is the point of proofing if the product does not match the proof

brandon pedroza

The coasters I ordered looked great in the proofs that were sent to me via text and email, but the actual coasters I received are much darker than what was reflected on the proofs and some areas just ended up completely black causing much of the detail in the image to be lost. I revisited the site and viewed my order searching for a "return," "replace," or a "get help" option but the most immediate tabs are "reorder" and "reviews" along with a few other tabs that were also useless in this situation. The quality of the coasters seems great and I love all the other products I have purchased previously but what I received is again not what was reflected on the proofs I received from stickermule; and it seems like false advertising if stickermule doesn't specify in the proofs going out that the final product will not reflect what I am being shown in the proof