Sometimes too helpful?

Sara Walsh

I’ve been buying (stickers) from sticker mule for almost a year now and I really really like them. The templates they provide have provided all the guidance I needed. This is the first time I bought a button and here’s my takeaway. The finished product looks just like the proof. But. On the template there is a super helpful circle that says something like “put text here and it will appear on the rim of your button.” I inserted my text exactly there, and when I submitted my file, someone must have resized it so the text would appear on the face of the button. I noticed this on the proof, and decided it was more important to me to get them as soon as possible than to check in about what I was seeing was accurate (specifically because I wasn’t sure how you would show the rim text in a proof anyway). Anyways, 4 stars because they were quick and high quality, but I do maybe wish there had been an easy way to just emphasize that I had created rim text.


このようにですか?あなただけの1.25" round buttonsのご注文は簡単です🙂