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Surprisingly Sweet with a Kick!

Thought this would be a throwaway item- but actually went through the bottle quickly. Would never had made that purchase but now might actually buy a bottle in the future. Not too much heat (wouldn't mind a little more actually) but the sweetness balances the heat well. Good flavor and versatile; put on tacos, pasta, eggs, fish, rice/beans and more.

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My family and I really enjoyed this hot sauce. It safely arrived at my doorstep, and the bottle is very sturdy and high quality. Thank you!

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Dude! Sauce!

The sauce is the boss. What a nice surprise!

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tasty with a kick!

Been curious on trying this for a little while and finally got a bottle. The taste was sweet and tangy with a ncie kick at the end. Now I understand why they call it kick ass!

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What a cute addition to my order!!

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Tried to Kick the Bottle - but I'm HOOKED!

Received a couple promotional bottles of Mule Sauce as well as the complimentary bottles added to some packages. This stuff is FIRE! Sweet at first but then you really start sweating! I've given a few of my extra bottles to friends, coworkers and family. Not one negative review yet!

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Bright colors good quality

Coasters look great! Better than the other company we ordered from. Nice bright colors and the image was centered on all of them. Wish you offered double sided though!

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Definite KICK!!

I underestimated just how spicy this may be. This hot sauce definitely deserves a spot on the hot ones show. I initially tried it on a chicken wing and poured a lot on thinking it would be nothing. That kick though. Whew chile!! It’s powerful.

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What a delicious kick!

I'm not usually a fan of hot sauces, but this one really hit home for me. I got a good kick in the beginning, then it mellowed out as I kept chewing. Love that it packs a punch and does not burn your entire mouth after!

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Great sauce!!

Great for breakfast burritos