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Very nice stickers, came out better then I thought.

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Great work again!

Christos Kontogeorgos

I tried the promo for that stickers and I am happy with the result! Again great work! Thanks!

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Beautiful Acadian Sticker

Aimie Design

Beautiful, amazing Colors, top quality.

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Good looking

Christine Cobb

These stickers with a clear background work better for me than a white background. Sticker Mule cut my intricate logo very well.

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Roll labels look dingy/dirty

Patrick Cassidy

Labels look like they have been sitting outside, not impressed.

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These stickers are so cool, I absolutely love them.


One tip when designing your stickers, make sure to pay attention to the difference between what will be white and what will be transparent. By happy accident the letters in my design are transparent and it looks SO Cool, but it wasn't what I was expecting (I didn't pay attention to the proof details)

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This is how I ROLL! ;)


Perfetto! — Happiness on a roll. ;) I am very happy with how awesome these are. (And done and delivered within less than a week.) Grazie!

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good as always

Marcel Hauser

came after 4 days. nice quality like always =) will definitely order again.

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Clear roll labels

Brandy Bingham

They look great, but the roll paper was cut slightly along with the stickers so they are difficult to peel.

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Hard to peel ad lower quality


Most of Stickermule's products are top notch. I would not suggest ordering these. They are of lower quality and hard to separate from the backing.