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Jarrett Arnold

awesome- hot, delightful!

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Mule Sauce


Great taste, very spicy. Delivered quicker than expected as well

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merci pour le cadeau

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Sweet and Tasty

Liuxing Johnston

I absolutely love this sauce! It came as a gift with my stickers and I use it on my collard greens and chicken wings. It's got a wonderful kick to it :)

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Andi Amin

An unexpected surprise that came with our sticker order. Very well packaged and the taste is awesome!!! Will definitely be ordering again!

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Did not expect free Hot Sauce; good and a little sweet

Mia Wenjen

Like a sweeter version of Siracha. I love Siracha!

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Salsa mule

Eleonora Pilotti

L’ho mangiata sui nachos, mi sono ustionata la bocca ma è buonissima

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Mule sauce

Gina Chalfant

I brought this to a cook out I was invited to and it was a hit. Thanks for the gift.

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No “hot” in this sauce

Marshall Whitney

I’ve been burned worse by a second grade “yo mama” joke. Putting Scotch Bonnet and four pepper symbols on the bottle doesn’t mean it’s hot, fellas. Try again and don’t be afraid to hit a little harder.

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Holy Spicy, This Sauce is da Bomb!

Rebekah A Moss

I now look forward to receiving my Mule sauce to put on all of my favorite foods! It definitely kicks my tail in the heat, but I'm on of those weird people that can barely handle heat but still loves the spice. I'm gonna order some extras for my friends!