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My Favorite Hot Sauce

Dallas Middleton

It always feels like I am getting something a little extra special when I receive a bottle of Mule Sauce with my order. This sauce has become one of my favorites and I use it on just about everything from pizza to avocados.

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Antonio Arreguin

Let e just tell you…… I’m from Mexico and it’s very hard to find something really hot and good here in Connecticut. This sauce is really good. We’re enjoying it. Thank you.

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actually pretty good =)


goes good with chicken wings and my cauliflower wings.

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Elfnick Jenkins

I can't say enough good about this sauce... use it on a ton of different things!

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Best sauce ever

Brightside Aleworks

I use this stuff on everything: Eggs, Toast, Stouts, everything!!

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Semper Fi Home Guy

Sweet up front, hot in the back, burns coming out lol

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Great Flavor!

James Dean

Love the sauce! Great flavor and deceivingly potent. Always appreciate the bonus item that comes for free with the sticker order.

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The greatness of mule sauce

Malik Seneferu

Absolutely magnificently delicious

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Hot Sauce

Nicole Galluzzo

Who doesn't love free stuff...especially when its hot sauce. I haven't tried it yet, but I think its super cool

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I'm a little sauced

Jason Stephens

I never know what I'm going to get when I try a new hot sauce. And getting hot sauce from a sticker company isn't usually where I acquire that sort of thing. But, I'm pretty happy with Mule Sauce! There's a variety of flavors from the array of different peppers and spices in the mix. There's a familiar funkiness to it - somewhere between Cholula and Tabasco. It's far sweeter than either of t... Más información