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Does have a kick. Very flavorable

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Great sauce

Joseph C Erkmann

This sauce does, in fact, kick ass as advertised. Much better than the other sauces it now replaces.

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Mule sauce, more like drool sauce... like tasty drooling...


Yo, I straight got this on a whim when it was four bucks... I've already reordered. This sauce has the appropriate amount of spice while remaining approachable and it has an unique, scrumptious flavor. The fruity notes balance well with the heat and savoriness.

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Kick-Ass Sauce!!

Joy Buhler

The best!!

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It's kiss-ass

Elly Pagán

Great taste, the perfect amount of spicy.

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Aaron Heidorn

I'm a casual hot sauce user, but I've tried a variety of different sauces. This one is one of my favorites! By far the tastiest hot sauce I've used, and a good balance of heat.

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Ivette delvalle

It gas that sweetness to it and that heat afterward

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Misty Ingle

Hot enough and a good sweet taste.

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Hunter Messineo

A hit with the family - in fact one of them stole my bottle

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Cory Christensen

I'm a big hot sauce fan, and this did not disappoint! It has great taste, and there's definitely some heat. It was a perfect balance of taste and heat. I'll be ordering some more for sure.